South Indian Mysure Pac

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1 gm (two pinches) of baking powder

200 gm sugar

100 gm chickpea flour (besan)

300 gm ghee

2 Tbsp water

1 Tbsp milk

1 Tbsp refined oil (odourless)

1 pinch of turmeric


1. Roast the flour (without any oil) on a low flame in a wok (kadai) for about 2-3 minutes ensuring that no lumps are formed.

2. Spread the hot flour on a plate. Keep aside.

3. Add water, milk and sugar to the wok and heat on a low flame. Also add a pinch of turmeric and oil (odourless) as your stir. (The oil lends a gloss to the sweet. The softer 'Mysurpa' version uses extra milk).

4. Use a second wok (kadai) to melt the ghee on a medium flame.

5. Once the sugar syrup achieves a 'two thread consistency' start adding the chickpea (besan) flour gradually and keep stirring as you do. Also add the baking powder at this point.

6. Add a ladle of ghee to the mixture. Wait for the remaining ghee (on the second wok) to reach boiling point before you turn it off. 

7. Keep adding the boiling ghee to the first wok ensuring no lumps are formed. Turn off the flame once the mixture assumes a frothy and porous consistency.

8. Brush a plate with a little ghee. Ensure this plate is at least 5 cms high (so that you get the right height for the Mysore Pak).

9. Pour the mixture on to the plate. Add a little ghee on top of the mixture and also sprinkle some sugar on top.

10. Cut the mixture in about five minutes when it's still hot for the perfect shape and texture.

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